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At Pradhanyatha Venture Developers, we have expanded our horizons into the red sandal business, recognizing the value of this rare and precious resource. With our vast experience in the real estate development industry, we have leveraged our expertise to establish a sustainable and ethical red sandalwood business. Our mission is to source and provide the highest quality red sandalwood products while ensuring the preservation of this endangered species. We are committed to promoting responsible harvesting and cultivation practices to ensure that future generations can continue to benefit from this valuable resource.

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What We Offer


Unlock the potential of the lucrative red sandalwood market with a sustainable investment opportunity.

We Cultivate

We cultivate ethical and sustainable red sandalwood practices, ensuring long-term profitability and preservation.

Share Profits

Share profits while promoting responsible harvesting and cultivation practices in the red sandalwood industry.



Plotting & Land Development

Plotting & Land Development

At Pradhanyatha Venture Developers, we believe that responsible land development practices are critical to the success.

Solar fencing

Solar Fencing

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the red sandalwood industry.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

At Pradhanyatha Venture Developers, we understand the importance of sustainable and efficient irrigation.



Maintenance is a crucial aspect of the red sandalwood business, and at Pradhanyatha Venture Developers.

Security Management

Security Management

Pradhanyatha Venture Developers recognizes the importance of security management in the red sandal business.

Customer Relation

Customer Relation

At Pradhanyatha Venture Developers, we believe that building strong relationships with our customers.

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General frequently asked questions

If you are interested in investing in the red sandal business, you may have a number of questions about the process. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you. These are just a few of the common questions that people may have about investing in the red sandalwood business. For more information, you can contact Pradhanyatha Venture Developers or visit our website.

  • Red Sandal is been often used in medicines to cure cancer.
  • This wood has been historically valued in China who introduced classical Chinese furniture to the Western countries.
  • Due to modern farming procedures,Red Sandal tree gives 10 tons yield in just 12 years.
  • Wide research has been going on in Indian Institute of Chemical Technology on red sandal.
  • The Red Sandalwood is of high demand in China,Korea,Singapore,Malaysia,Canada,US,UK and Gulf Countries.

  • 22 Cents of land has been considered as 1 unit for farming.For such 22 cents land buyer has been considered as farmer as per Government Revenue records and subsequently he will be issued Pattaadaar pass book from revenue Authorities.
  • 104 Red sandal plants with a gap of 10 sqyards each will be planted in such 22 cents land.
  • We will ensure 24 hours security to the venture and plants growth will be under proper supervision
  • The Red Sandalwood is of high demand in China,Korea,Singapore,Malaysia,Canada,US,UK and Gulf Countries.

  • The Profits from Red Sadal will be distribute in the ratio 60:40 for customer and company respectively i.e;60% to customer and 40% to company.
  • The customer and company is bonded with development agreement.
Why Choose Us

Our Venture Specialities

  • Industrially developing area.
  • Venture was much closer to Ananthapuram Express Highway.
  • Registering the land as agricultural land with a clear title.
  • Very much nearer to IIIT College.
  • Nearer to Donakonda International Airport.
  • Nearer to Raamayapatnam Port.
  • Nearer to Kanigiri Railway Junction.
  • Venture was very nearer to Veligonda Project.